U1/U1W - Campus Core and Campus Core w/Wal-Mart Flyer

This route provides access between the Miami University campus core and the core of Uptown. During the evenings and weekends, the route also extends to destinations alone College Corner Pike, such as Wal-Mart.

U3 - Tollgate Loop   

This route connects the higher density off-campus residential areas to the west and south with the campus core and point in between.

U4/U4D - Western/North Loop and Western/North Loop w/Ditmer Flyer 

This route connects off-campus housing areas to the north and the west of Miami University with the campus core. It also serves as a connector from Western Campus to Miami Station to transfer to a multitude of other routes. During evening hours and the weekend, the route connects to student parking at Ditmer.

P1 - Chestnut Fields Express

This route is a short loop to get from Chestnut Field parking lot to the center of campus, Armstrong and Shriver.


P2 - Park and Ride

This route connects remote parking areas (such as Chestnut Fields, Ditmer, and Millett Hall) with the campus core and the Armstrong Center, with a multitude of transfer options at Miami Station and Farmer School.


P3 - Ditmer Express

This route is a short loop to get from Ditmer parking lot to Farmer School and the center of campus, Armstrong and Shriver.

BGo-SafeRide - Oxford Area Demand Response Service

BG0-SafeRide service is available from  10 PM to 3 AM, Monday through Saturday, Sundays 10 PM to 1 AM. Please call 513.785.5237 or 1.855.42.BCRTA for reservation information.


For commuting options to and from Oxford, please see the R2 and R3 schedules and this guide to riding between Miami Hamilton and Miami Middletown.