Jun 5, 2017

Changes Coming to Dial-A-Ride, Safe-Ride, & ADA Paratransit Services

Butler County Regional Transit Authority is in the process of implementing a new, state-of-the art, transportation scheduling software system.  This is part of an initiative to streamline our paratransit and curb-to-curb services, reduce costs and improve the overall services provided to the people of Butler County.  We are scheduled to “go live” with the new software on June 20, 2017.



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Posted by: CEO
What does this mean to you?
Normal operating procedures will continue to apply. Trips must still be booked 48 hours in advance, Monday through Friday, and you must call the day before after 3pm to see if we were able to place the trips that you have requested.  Certified ADA trips are always guaranteed.
  • The process of booking your trips may take a little longer than usual as the customer service staff becomes more proficient with the new software. We ask for your patience for the initial few weeks.
  • You are still able to book your trips as subscriptions. 
What will be different?
  • If you provide us with a current mobile telephone number, we can send an SMS text message 5 minutes prior to our arrival!
  • If you have an appointment time, you will need to provide the Customer Service staff with that time in order for the software to determine your pick-up time based on the mapping system and a negotiated 30-minute window. (ex. You need to be at work or an appointment at 9am then 8:55am will be your requested drop-off time).
  • Shopping Shuttle: When booking a trip for the Shopping Shuttle you must now select two specific locations. (ex. Wal-Mart and Meijer or Kroger, Jungle Jim’s and The Dollar Tree or Valley Thrift, Kohl’s and Target or Old Navy).
BCRTA is extremely excited to implement this new software product and is asking its passengers and community for patience and support during this transition process. Our ultimate goal of this new system is to provide a more cost effective, efficient and consumer friendly service to the residents of Butler County.

As always, should you have any questions regarding these changes, our customer service staff is available by phone @ 513-785-5237 M-F, 7am-5pm or email:

Luke Morgan
Operations Manager of Paratransit Services